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  • Civil Litigation

​​Whether clients are plaintiffs or defendants, we represent them in civil litigation matters to make sure their     interests are protected. Although we can represent clients in all Indiana counties, we normally limit our area of practice to Delaware, Grant, Blackford, Jay, Madison, Randolph, and Henry counties, except in special circumstances.

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Our Services 

Smith Law Office, P.C., provides a wide range of services to our clients with concentrations in the areas of civil litigation, estate planning and administration, real estate, and bankruptcy. In those areas, we attempt to tailor our services to the needs of the individual client, and work with the client to make sure that clients are provided the best advice and representation suitable for their matter.

  • ​Estate Administration

The death of a loved one is a traumatic event for which none of us is prepared. Most clients do not know what steps to take when this occurs, and this is where we can help. Assisting family members in navigating through the steps necessary to settle a decedent's affairs and transfer assets to the beneficiaries is a special area of practice for our firm, and we pride ourselves on helping to make the process as simple as possible. Whether the estate is small or large, we can provide the legal assistance necessary.

  • Real Estate

Whether a client is selling or buying real estate, leasing real estate, or transferring real estate, it is important to make sure that the transfer is done correctly. Formalizing an agreement and incorporating all of the terms in that agreement is important. Correctly preparing the necessary documents and properly recording the executed documents is important. We can assist in all of these areas.

  • Bankruptcy

When clients experience financial difficulties, we can assist them by providing bankruptcy representation. Based upon the specific financial situation of the client, we explain the client's options and recommend the appropriate bankruptcy type and assist the client in preparing and filing bankruptcy. Whether it is Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, we work with the client to obtain bankruptcy relief.

  • Estate Planning

​​Assisting clients in planning their estates is one of the things we enjoy the most. Whether that plan involves a will, a trust, a power of attorney, a living will, or other document, we can work with clients to create a customized estate plan that meets the client's needs and the needs of the client's family.​

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